So, I write poetry…sometimes

Poetry. I used to have a deep love of writing it when I was a little girl. I remember when I wrote and illustrated some for gifts one year for family Christmas gifts. My Nana and Grandaddy still have one of them framed, my childlike writing and illustration lovingly preserved and on display.

I wrote and gave them so freely, totally unconcerned with critique and without one worry over whether or not they were good enough. 

I created. I gave. 

It was that simple.

Of course, I gave knowing my little scribblings would be loved and accepted by the hands I’d place them in. That helps a ton, huh? *chuckling*

Not too long ago I participated in a write-in and I was surprised when my responses to the prompts we writers were given came tumbling out in the form of poetry. 

Below is my first response. I’m extremely nervous about sharing it publicly, but I can’t encourage others to create their way through fear if I can’t do the same for myself. 

So here it is in all its imperfect glory.

And, yes, there is an expletive. This is your salty language warning, y’all. 

“Be like Elsa and let it go,”  I tell my boys.
Maybe I should hold a mirror up and say the same. 
Stand there and watch the same mouth that too often says yes
when I know I should say no
utter a lesson I’ve yet to grasp but still tell my boys to mind.
Stand there and let go of the guilt of not doing enough for those I give all I can to. 
Stand there and let go of the things that spend my time and energy so frivolously when I know both are so f*cking precious.
Let go and watch the same hands that release
They wait having always understood
that the upward rise of release
is always followed by a
that ends in open readiness.
If only I would be like Elsa.


I hope to write more poetry and maybe, just maybe, share more here, too.

Thanks for sharing in this moment of crazy-big vulnerability with me.

Now, I’m off to breathe into a paper bag or something…

-Anna K.

About Anna K.

I believe art is a verb and creativity is a love language. I'm a recovering perfectionist still learning to see grace in the messy in-between places of becoming. I cultivate creativity through Made Tribe Sparks - creative prompts for those who want to explore their faith through art - and through introducing local youth to Art Journaling. This website is where I share my art-full journey. I also have a fondness for words like shenanigans and hoopla.