Reuse, Recycle, Repaint

A while ago, I let the Bubs pick out some reasonably priced train pictures from Among them was a metal Lionel Train sign that I didn’t quite know how to display. The Bubs kept asking me when I was going to hang it in his room and I told him I would come up with something soon…
Since his room looks like this right now (see below) I wasn’t too worried about it.

In the process of taking things off the walls in the kitchen a few days ago, I came across a bulletin board that I’d made a long time ago out of fabric-wrapped cork and a salvaged wooden picture frame. Hmm…possibilities.

David, to his delight, helped me paint the frame and the edges of the fabric a glossy black using acrylic paint and “mommy’s special paint brushes”.

Even though it may be a bit before we can hang it up in his room, we both had fun and the Bubs learned a practical lesson in reusing and recycling.

Not to mention, I think it will look pretty cool hanging up on his wall with the other artwork he picked out once his floors are finished and his bedroom set to rights.

Going “green” with paint….now that’s something we can get behind!

About Anna K.

I believe art is a verb and creativity is a love language. I'm a recovering perfectionist still learning to see grace in the messy in-between places of becoming. I cultivate creativity through Made Tribe Sparks - creative prompts for those who want to explore their faith through art - and through introducing local youth to Art Journaling. This website is where I share my art-full journey. I also have a fondness for words like shenanigans and hoopla.

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  • Joanna

    That is so cool! I can not get over how big he is looking.