AKO 100 Days of Making Update | The 100 Day Project

Hey, y’all! I’m checking in to share about the good things and lessons that I’ve been learning through my The 100 Day Project journey, #ako100daysofmaking. 

First, I’m gonna tell you right off the bat that I’m behind. SO FAR BEHIND. 

But you know what? I’m okay with that. Or at least I am most of the time. I knew that I wouldn’t keep up with everyone else so it’s not like this is a big shock for me. The trick is to not allow that to keep me from moving forward. 😉

Having said that, there is definitely something to be said for creating daily and/or adopting a kind of creative discipline…a creative practice, if the word discipline holds negative meaning for you. 

Why is this a revelation for me? 

Well, dear reader, it’s because I tend to hop around a lot creatively. 🙂

Which is okay most of the time, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the goodness that’s come from the practice of maintaining some sort of creative routine.  I started to play and make discoveries. Then I built on those discoveries and started making these:

Art by Anna K. Originals


Art by Anna K. Originals


Art by Anna K. Originals


Art by Anna K. Originals


Art by Anna K. Originals


Art by Anna K. Originals


I call them Curios. (I tried out another name, but it turned out to be copy-written. Ugh.)

They’re mixed-media paintings on layers of glued tissue paper sandwiched around a wire frame. These are all in various stages of completion. Creating them challenges me and soothes me at the same time. It’s a strange but happy dichotomy. 

So there you have it! I’m behind in my days (no shocker there), a practice of creative routine is a good thing, and I’ve started creating art that hits that sweet spot between challenging and soothing. 

And, dear reader? I wish the same for you.

That you would be able to create where you are, when you can, with what you have. <3

-Anna K. 


About Anna K.

I believe art is a verb and creativity is a love language. I'm a recovering perfectionist still learning to see grace in the messy in-between places of becoming. I cultivate creativity through Made Tribe Sparks - creative prompts for those who want to explore their faith through art - and through introducing local youth to Art Journaling. This website is where I share my art-full journey. I also have a fondness for words like shenanigans and hoopla.

  • Lisha Epperson

    You already know I love them. Keep creating. Your gift blesses me.